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Meet the Leadership Team

Leadership requires vision and commitment, two traits honed over decades of experience by our two principals:

Lorien as a leader in the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; Rick as a leader in Collaborative Intelligence (aka Knowledge Management) and Social Learning. Together, they are well equipped to help you understand how your organization creates, retains, and makes use of their data, information, and knowledge.

Lorien Pratt

Lorien Pratt, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
Quantellia, LLC

A machine learning pioneer, Dr. Pratt has delivered applied machine learning solutions since 1988. She co-edited Learning to Learn, wrote The Decision Intelligence Primer, and leads Quantellia's machine learning consulting division.

KLD Rick Headshot with Garcetti

Rick Ladd, J.D.

Founder & Chief Emergineer
Rick Ladd & Associates

An early practitioner of Knowledge Management, Mr. Ladd introduced one of the earliest social media tools to the Space Shuttle Main Engine team at Rocketdyne two years before Facebook went public. He led the SSME KM efforts for nearly a decade.

Next Steps...

We have been at the forefront of turning data into useful, actionable business intel, as well as facilitating the connection between people, data, and each other in order to increase organizational understanding for decades. Find out how we can help you make the most of your data, information, and knowledge.