Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Through our associations, we are able to provide several important, related services designed to improve your ability to get the most out of your organization's data and knowledge. Primary among them are the following:

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed for that purpose. Examples range from medical prognoses and financial forecasts, to natural language processing and consumer sentiment analyses.

Knowledge Management:

This is the term used to describe the processes whereby organizations are able to capture, store, and share their collective knowledge. Inasmuch as the most important knowledge any organization possesses is what's between the ears of their employees and stakeholders, we believe the term Collaborative Intelligence may be a better way to describe this practice.

Decision Intelligence:

We offer decision intelligence and decision engineering to solve your most complex problems. Simply put, data is backwards-facing. It’s like watching an elephant’s footprints, rather than understanding the elephant itself. Systems are forward-looking.  It's not a coincidence your rear-view mirror is smaller than your windshield. Yet most organizations look backwards, assuming the future will be a continuation of the past. This is no longer true.