Machine Learning

In association with Quantellia, LLC, part of the team that invented inductive transfer, we have over thirty years of experience in providing ML services and solutions.

Collaborative Intelligence

We introduced the concept of what was then called Knowledge Management to the Space Shuttle Main Engine team, and introduced one of the earliest social learning tools used by a large organization.

Decision Intelligence

Machine learning frequently needs an extra layer of effort to provide really useful information. Decision Intelligence answers the question, "If I take this action today, what will be the outcome tomorrow?"

World Modeler

World Modeler

We offer decision intelligence and decision engineering to solve your complex problems. Simply put, data is backwards-facing. It’s like watching an elephant’s footprints, rather than understanding the elephant itself. Systems are forward-looking.  There’s no coincidence in the fact your rear-view mirror is smaller than your windshield. Yet …

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Collaborative Intelligence

As a member of the Space Shuttle Main Engine team, we led the effort to provide a highly collaborative environment, where team members not only could create, store, categorize, and share the written, explicit knowledge needed to facilitate highly complex projects, but also where they could communicate and collaborate with their team mates, continuously learning and sharing they tacit, tribal knowledge of how things worked. Formerly called Knowledge Management, we prefer the term Collaborative Intelligence. If you think your organization could improve its ability to share and retain its most precious knowledge and know-how, contact us for a discussion on how we can help you achieve that goal.

Data Visualization

End-to-End Solutions & Beautiful Visualizations

Many of our customers are seeking end-to-end solutions that include:

  • Cloud-based applications
  • Connection to back-end compute
  • Beautiful visualizations

We can pull it all together, and we can do it fast, using our World Learner™ and World Modeler™ platforms.

Next Steps...

After years of high hopes and false starts, machine learning and artificial intelligence are finally growing by leaps and bounds. We have been working with ML and Artificial Intelligence for decades. If you'd like to learn how our approach and tools can help you get more out of your data, give us a call today. We're sure we can help you improve your knowledge and understanding of what that data is telling you.