Knowledge Mastery

Mastering the knowledge of your organization is fraught with difficulty. Most of us are not used to sharing and, frequently, we don't have tools available to facilitate robust sharing and usage. We can help you change your situation dramatically.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence promise to exponentially increase our ability to make sense of the ever-increasing data and information at our disposal. We represent some of the best thinking and deepest experience in the field.

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Decision Intelligence

What will be the downstream consequences of today's decisions? How can you most accurately predict how they will turn out. Through the application of Quantellia's "World Modeler" we can show you how to understand the consequences of those decisions.

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Since 1993

Addressing Complex Data Visualization


Are you drowning in data? Have you migrated to the cloud in order to capture and use the data you're collecting, only to find it overwhelming and difficult to understand? Do you think there might be considerable value in your data, yet you don't know how to analyze and understand it? We can help you with all of these scenarios.

Rick Ladd & Associates is partnered with one of the premiere consultants in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and decision intelligence. Our association with Quantellia, LLC gives us a powerful capability to understand the data you're collecting and help you find the hidden gems you suspect reside within.

Additionally, we are well versed in collaborative intelligence and knowledge management. We believe our expertise, and our absolute unwillingness to go along with the hype or pursue the most current shiny object, allows us to quickly determine what your real needs are, to create models that will help you glean actionable information and knowledge from your data, and to understand the downstream consequences of decisions you make today.

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What next?

Need help understanding what your data is telling you, or in sharing and using the collective knowledge of your organization?