Digital transformation is about utilizing technology to improve every aspect of an organization's operations. However, it is as much (if not more) about realizing a cultural transformation that empowers people to harness that activity and apply it in a way that lightens their load, improves their ability to communicate and share, and increases their ability to innovate and address problems as they arise.

Mastering the knowledge of your organization is fraught with difficulty. Most of us are not used to sharing and, frequently, we don't have tools available to facilitate robust sharing and usage. We can help you change your situation dramatically, thereby improving your organization's ability to innovate and develop.

From newsletters to promotional flyers, cutting edge business books to zombie apocalypse novels, Rick has created, edited, and proofread numerous publications. He can author or collaborate on original text, edit raw manuscripts, create graphics and charts, or proofread anything from a one-page marketing flyer to a several hundred page novel or business book.

What next?

Need help understanding how to maximize your use of technology, or in sharing and using the collective knowledge of your organization?